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Capítulo 1, en Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery of the Foot and Ankle. Editorial Springer



M. De Prado

Over the las few years, Foot Surgery has come to be recognised as a major Orthopaedic subspecialty.
The understanding of biomechanics, the growinf social demands and the technological developments in durgery have produced techniques to manage many foot conditions which were swept under the carpet by traditional orthopaedic surgeons.
The current goal of surgical treatment of deformities of the feet is correct all elements that produce the deformity, and promote the maintenance and functional biomechanics of the foot. To be effective using traditiona techniques, one has to be prepared to use extensive rugical approaches and aggressive techniques.
Modern orhtopaedic surgery tends to use minimally invasive techniques to minimize some of the problems posed by open surgery, reducing complications and improving and shortening postsurgical recovery.
Arthroscopy has been a pioneer in the techniques of minimally invasive surgery. Born in the first half of the twentieth century to provide a clearer understanding of the state of the synovium, cartilage and other intra-articular structures, since the 1970s it has been possible to tackle a vast array of conditions in the knee, shoulder and ankle.
Surgery of the spine and entrapment syndromes of peripheral nerves have seen teh evolution of equally popular minimally invaseive techniques.
In foot surgery, the minimally invasive surgical approach allows surgery through small incisions, without direct exposure of surgical planes, causing minimal trauma to the tissues, using radiographic control.

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