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Dr. Pedro Luis Ripoll Pérez de los Cobos was born in Jumilla (Murcia). He studied Medicine at the University of Murcia, becoming the fourth generation of doctors in his family. He obtained the title of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology specialist at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, being the head of service Dr. Francisco Vaquero González. He has studied in several hospitals such as Lyon Sud Hospital of Prof. DeJour in Lyon, Merignac Hospital of Dr. Michel Allard in Bordeaux, the Sport Medicine Institute of Dr. Uribe in Miami, Monteori Hospital of the University of Pitsbourg of Dr. Freddy Fu .

• Dr Ripoll is the founding member of the Spanish Society of Arthroscopic Surgery, where he has held various positions of responsibility over the years. Within this society, he has developed several pioneering research programs in the specialty that have been recognized with numerous scientific awards.

• He is also the Founder and President of the AMICAL Foundation (Medical Association for Research and Development of the Locomotive System Sciences), an institution that has developed various therapeutic solutions for musculoskeletal pathologies, especially in regard to the development of techniques minimally invasive, and biological therapies, having received numerous awards and recognitions nationally and internationally.

• Director of Ripoll and Prado Sport Clinic, FIFA Medical Center of Excelence, with offices in Madrid, Murcia, Alicante and Elche. • Honorary Professor of the University of Murcia.

• Director of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology at the Quirón Hospital in Murcia, since 1982. Center of excellence in teaching and research, maintains collaboration agreements with hospital and university centers around the world.

• Director of Medical Services of Elche and Hercules football clubs in Alicante. He is a regular consultant for sports clubs of the highest international level.

• Author of books and scientific articles on Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology in national and international journals.

• He develops his professional work in the clinics: Ruber Paseo de la Habana and Ruber Internacional de Madrid, Ripoll and Prado Sport Clinic (Alicante, Elche and Murcia) and Hospital Quirón de Murcia.

• President and CEO of Foot & Balance RipollyDePrado Go5D, an institution specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies using biomechanical parameters.

• Director of the unit specialized in knee and shoulder surgery at RipollyDePrado Sport Clinic, FIFA Center of Excellence.

Career path

1979 – He carried out the first arthroscopy. 

1982 – First ligament plasty implant LCA by arthroscopy. 

1997 – First autologous articular cartilage graft by arthroscopy made in Spain. 

2002 – First meniscus transplant made in Spain. 

2004 – First rotator cuff suture with knotless arthroscopic technique made in Spain. 

2004 – First knee and hip parcelar prosthesis made in Spain. 

2006 – First treatment of osteonecrosis in the hip and knee with mesenchymal cells made in Spain. 

2007 – First treatment for knee joint cartilage injury with mesenchymal cells. 2010 – Dr. Ripoll obtained, for the fifth time, the award of the Arthroscopy Spanish Association as best investigation article. 

2013 – FIFA gave the recognition as an excellence clinic for sports injuries to RipollyDePrado Sport Clinic. 

2015 – ABC newspaper elected Dr.Ripoll as one of the five best traumatologists in Spain. 

2017 – Forbes magazine elected Dr.Ripoll as one of the five best traumatologists in Spain. 

2018 – El Espanol newspaper elected Dr.Ripoll as one of the five best traumatologists in Spain. 2019 – Dr.Ripoll develops the Go5D system for the objective analysis of the musculoskeletal system